About Me

I’m Becca! As a busy reader on the go, this is my place to drop quick reviews and recommendations of the latest books on my reading shelf, whether they’ve been out for years (or decades, or centuries) or they’re the next anticipated release. I read and review a variety of (mostly) fiction and look for the positive wherever I can find it. Not every book can be The One, but a lot of books can be A One.

Offline, I’m a museum professional and happy homebody. Going out can be fun, but I really just love puttering about and making my little apartment as cozy as possible. A typical day off will find me either curled up with a good book or singing along to Bollywood albums as I dance around and tidy up. Old Hollywood is another escapist happy place, so don’t be surprised when I go on the occasional tangent about why Ginger Rogers owns my soul.