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Hello, lovelies! I didn’t intend to take a blogging break last week, but life happened, and I just decided to go easy on myself. I also did not get much reading done to talk about, either, so that worked out, ha. However, I did get to lay in bed watching favorite movies and catching up on shows like Ted Lasso and Leverage: Redemption, which was fun, in between the “real life” stuff.

Back before my break, I saw that Kristin of the delightful Kristin Kraves Books blog did the Blogger Stats book tag, and I enjoyed both the questions and her answers so much that I decided to invite myself to the party. It looks like the tag was originally created by Stuart over at Always Trust in Books. Please go give both these wonderful bloggers a follow!

Now! Onto the tag!

The Last 3 Books You Read: A Duke Worth Fighting For by Christina Britton, Paladin’s Strength by T. Kingfisher, and yes, I did! I slayed the dragon! Dune by Frank Herbert! That book has been on my TBR… basically since birth, as my dad is a massive scifi fan, and I’ve been hearing about it all my life. I feel a little bad that it took my book club friends picking it up to make me finally open it, but… at least I finally got to it! And I enjoyed it, so no regrets.

Spoilers or Spoiler-Free: A bit of both, varying book-by-book? If I really care about a story, I don’t want to know much going in… but I will still peek ahead if I get nervous or want to know when my favorite character is coming back. If it’s a story I don’t care much about… spoil away! For me, it’s more about how the story is told than what the story is. Most of the time.

How Long Have You Been Book Blogging? Almost a full year now! I used to have a movie blog but stopped blogging for many years (life and school got in the way). It’s been fun getting back into blogging and into the habit of writing regularly.

A Book You Read in One Sitting: There are a bunch, though I’m usually more of a two-sittings reader. I think the last one-sitter was Subtle Blood by KJ Charles? But don’t quote me on that.

Preferred Book Size (Novella, Tome, Etc.): I prefer a nice mid-size book, between 300-400 pages. But I also love a good tome that makes me cry when it’s finally time to part with the characters! Honestly, I think most book series could (and should) be condensed down to one long book, rather than padding out the story for several installments.

Amount of Books on Your TBR: I mean… *gestures vaguely to unorganized mountain of books roughly the size of two football fields*

A Book You DNF’d: Uh… I don’t really track those. But I do remember some books I should have DNF’d!! I’m trying to be better about putting aside books I genuinely dislike. I struggle most when it’s a book club book, but take my word for it, friends: sometimes the pain of participating really is worse than the fear of missing out.

Recent Awards or Milestones: One year (almost) of blogging! My goal at the start of this was simply to get back to writing regularly and to enjoy it without pressuring myself to be perfect or to get a lot of traffic or anything. Just to have fun. And I’m not only posting almost every week, but I’m having a great time doing it! So goals accomplished.

Best Interaction With an Author You Enjoy: I don’t interact much with authors, but Victoria Thompson read and shared my series review of her Gaslight Mysteries! I wasn’t sure about tagging her when I tweeted the link, but I so wanted to let her know how much I love her work, and she was very gracious.

Average Number of Books You Read Per Month: *rifles through Goodreads stats* Well, my reading definitely picked up last year thanks in equal part to the pandemic and to my mad, chaotic book club (I love you, ducklings!), and it looks like my average is now around 20 books per month.

Top 3 Publishers: This is another thing I don’t really track. But I do know I love Penguin and its many many imprints (especially my beloved Berkley).

Social Media Sites Your Blog Uses: None, officially. I do tweet out links to posts on my personal Twitter account, but I’m not worried about promoting much.

Average Amount of Time You Spend Networking: Following the above, I don’t really think of it as networking, but I do try to check out new blogs and comment regularly. I love talking to fellow book-lovers, and if someone writes something I enjoy, I want them to know.

Music or Quiet When Writing Reviews? Honestly, it depends on how noisy my neighbors are in the moment! I really enjoy the quiet these days, but when others are making noise around me, I’ll turn on some music or even a familiar movie while I’m writing.

Can You Sum Up Your Blogging Style in 5 Words? Laid-back. Fun. Mostly positive?

A Blog You Look Up To Starting Out: This may sound trite, but I look up to anyone who has the courage and dedication to put their thoughts out there regularly and keep it fun!

Best Book You Reviewed So Far: Well, that’s hard to choose! I’ve enjoyed so many! But I did particularly enjoy writing about Random Harvest by James Hilton and its 1940 film adaptation. It’s one of those rare instances where the book and movie are both excellent in their own right and where the adaptation complements the original, adding to it rather than detracting.

Best Piece of Blogging Advice: Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Blog for yourself. Create the kind of content you enjoy making, and the right kind of people will find you.

If you, too, enjoy this tag, please keep it going! The questions are below for easy reference – reply in the comments or post in your own space. I’d love to know your answers!


The Questions

  • Last 3 Books You Read
  • Spoilers or Spoiler-Free
  • How Long Have You Been Book Blogging?
  • A Book You Read in One Sitting
  • Preferred Book Size (Novella, Tome, Etc.)
  • Amount of Books On Your TBR
  • A Book You DNF’D
  • Recent Awards or Milestones
  • Best Interaction With An Author You Enjoy
  • Average Number of Books You Read Per Month
  • Top 3 Publishers
  • Social Media Sites Your Blog Uses
  • Average Amount of Time You Spend Networking
  • Most Comfortable Blogging Position
  • Music Or Quiet When Writing Reviews?
  • Can You Sum Up Your Blogging Style In 5 Words?
  • A Blog You Look Up To Starting Out
  • Best Book You Reviewed So Far
  • Best Piece of Blogging Advice

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